Green Friday

Why don't we join conventional black Friday offers? As a sustainable company, we have decided not to support the mass consumption and discount campaigns. Instead, we want to do something good! For every order we receive online, we will donate 15% of the sales to save the Amazon!

Black Friday embodies much that Airpaq does NOT stand for: the promotion of unnecessary consumption, aggressive "buy now!" marketing campaigns, excessive waste of resources, and the associated environmental impact.

In contrast, with our long-lasting upcycling products we stand for a more conscious and slower pace of consumption with the aim of creating an ethical and sustainable alternative. That's why Airpaq turns Black Friday into Green Friday - we take it as an opportunity to do something good together with you!

The Amazon rainforest is the largest forest on earth. The rainforest can absorb and utilize a huge amount of the greenhouse gas (CO2). It thus significantly reduces the proportion of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and also represents one of the world's largest biodiversity. More and more of the precious rainforest is disappearing as a result of slash-and-burn and deforestation. Compared to the previous year, the number of fires has almost doubled; in 2019 more than 78,000 forest fires were registered in the Amazon region. In addition to the serious effects on our climate, the animals and the neighbouring population are also suffering massively. We need to act now!

For every product sold, we donate 15% of our online sales to a well-known non-profit organization that is working to save the Amazon. We will announce the donation amount reached on Monday on Facebook and Instagram!

 Share the love and shop responsibly this holiday season!

Michi & Adrian