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Materials that make a difference

Upcycling? We call it reinCARnation

The materials we upcycle are designed to perform in extreme situations, making them extremely durable. Scroll down to learn more about the materials we turn into our products. 

How do we source our materials?

We source our materials partly from scrapyards in Germany and partly from defects and production waste of a big automotive security system producer.  We developed a very effective way of upcycling this waste, enabling us to reduce waste and produce our products absolutely eco efficient.

Lifesavers on your back


Car Waste Upcycling

Seat Belts

Buckle-up and carry on


*Note that all materials sourced from scrapyards are not coming from cars involved into severe crashes and are furthermore anti-bacterlially washed at high temperatures (Buckles are cleaned and disinfected) to rule out any hygene related concerns.